Ceramic Fiber Disc from Cumet Accessories, with 4inch grinder

11 Oct 2021
This is a user review, and testimonial upon using Cumet 4inch Ceramic Fiber Disc with 4 inch grinder. Cumet offer a high performance ceramic fiber disc suitable for heavy material removal of stainless steel material and metal. Cumet Ceramic Fiber Disc is one of our best recognized and acceptable product in the oil and gas market now. Achieving more than 2X life, with more than 3X faster work removal rate. Suitable for customers where it involves heavy grinding application. Get more for what you paid for. Free Trial available. Cumet Accessories manufacture a complete range of power tool accessories and attachment from abrasive grinding disc and cutting disc, to drill bits and Bosch replacement battery. Cumet ensure product performance stability with competitive pricing, without sacrificing on product safety. Use with peace of mind. Cumet - Unleash The Heat Please do like and share, and follow us on our youtube channel Please visit our website at Thanks for watching