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SDS Chisel (Plus,Max,Hex)

CD62101250 (14x250mm)

CD61101250 (14x250x20mm)

CD61201250 (14x250x40mm)

CD62102300 (18x300mm)

RM 9.90Add to CartRM 9.90Add to CartRM 15.80Add to CartRM 19.50Add to Cart

CD62102400 (18x400mm)

CD61102300 (18x300x25mm)

CD61102400 (18x400x25mm)

CD61202400 (18x400x50mm)

RM 24.00Add to CartRM 19.20Add to CartRM 24.60Add to CartRM 38.80Add to Cart

CD62104440 (19x400mm)

CD62104600 (19x600mm)

CD61104400 (19x400x25mm)

CD61104600 (19x600x25mm)

RM 37.80Add to CartRM 41.60Add to CartRM 37.80Add to CartRM 42.30Add to Cart

CD61204300 (19x300x50mm)

CD61103280 (17x280x22mm)

CD61103450 (17x450x22mm)

CD61203280 (17x280x50mm)

RM 57.20Add to CartRM 17.80Add to CartRM 26.20Add to CartRM 27.50Add to Cart

CD61203450 (17x450x50mm)

CD62103450 (17X450mm)

CD62103280 (17x280mm)

CD62103400 (17x400mm)

RM 31.30Add to CartRM 27.50Add to CartRM 17.80Add to CartRM 27.50Add to Cart

CD61103400 (17x400x22mm)

RM 26.20Add to Cart   

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